About Us

A Tradition of Taste

The Jerk Kings was awarded 2016's Food Truck of the Year by the Bend Source Magazine.

We founded The Jerk Kings out of our love for Caribbean influenced flavors and being able to share our unique culinary cuisine with the Central Oregon community (and beyond!).  

Although we have now closed our food truck operations, we are excited to embark on a new  business  adventure - the bottling of our jerk marinade and jerk sauce for all to enjoy! You can create your own Caribbean heat right at home!

Sweet fuh days!


For the past five years, The Jerk Kings have been creating our own, freshly made Jerk Marinade and Jerk Sauce in order to supply our food trucks: to create such tasty treats as grilled Jerk Chicken, slow-cooked Jerk Pork and pan seared Jerk Shrimp. 

Visit our online store and get yourself a bottle of our marinade and sauce.  

Astonishingly good!

About the Owner

Zoe Ditmore, the owner of The Jerk Kings, graduates from the Cascade Culinary Institute in Bend, OR.

The owner of The Jerk Kings, Zoë Ditmore, is a graduate of the Cascade Culinary Institute in Bend, OR and was born and raised in Barbados, a small island located in the SE Caribbean.  Her memories of food are always filled with Caribbean dishes like pickled breadfruit and cucumber, steamed okra, pudding and souse, and of course, jerked meats including chicken and pork.  Now with the introduction of our new products, it's time to get cookin' Caribbean style!


what is jerk?

A spicy and flavorful seasoning originating from Jamaica, which can be used to season and marinate meats - and even seafood, tofu and veggies.  The main ingredients of a good "jerk" should include Allspice, Hot Peppers and Thyme. The pimento tree on which the allspice berry grows, is pictured left.